I often see the soft, subtle sound turning into loud noise within my work. I compare this synesthetic experience to a cathartic tension between Didi and Gogo from Beckett’s Waiting for Godot which defines as my remote state of subconsciousness. The two character’s interdependent relationship runs parallel to a psychoanalytic interpretation of ‘Id’ and ‘Ego’ as it correlates to the relationship of different dimensions and mediums in my work. My doubts and fears translate into a daydream-like atmosphere (Id) to disguise the viscosity, gestural, and physical intensity (Ego). Then, the inner struggles with vulnerability and the fear of the unknown disappear in a hazy, floating atmosphere, although the absurd sensation of simultaneously “Being” and “Not Being” still lingers there. Through the process, I consolidate the figuration and the abstraction to incorporate the nature and metropolitan environment. 
While my work may not have the comical sense that the audience perceives in Waiting for Godot, it remains hopeful by its therapeutic nature of painting.